Lip Augmentation Process To Plump & Enhance The Lips

You can have plumper and fuller lips with a cosmetic procedure known as lip augmentation. The use of dermal fillers and some little amount of changes can help you get that fullness on your lips. It also helps in correcting the lips symmetry. The aim of this process is to make your lips look natural. With the aging process, you can face several problems like crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, laughter lines and thinning of lips. This is mainly because of the breakdown of collagen with aging. As a result, the lips lose their definition. 

Lip filler injections can offer you the following: 

1. You get a nice smile with well-defined edges. 
2. Your thinner lips turn fuller.
3. You get back your youthful lips. 
4. You can easily apply your make-up.
5. You look turns out to be more natural and the process helps to balance the other facial features.
6. The corners of your mouth turn upwards. 

Usually, after the age of 16, the corners of your mouth turn down slightly and the V-shape of your upper lip becomes flat. These are nothing but changes in your body with aging. The process of lip augmentation helps to add a volume of those thin lips and makes you look gorgeous and youthful. 

After Care Tips:

After the lip enhancement procedure, you need to follow some aftercare guidelines so that the results are good enough. 

1. Do not touch your lips after the process for at least six hours. Any kind of scratching, rubbing or peeling can cause irritation. 
2. To prevent any kind of tenderness or swelling, make use of an ice pack on the lips. 
3. Use cold water to wash your lips. No scrubbing or using scented products in that area. 
4. You can use a little amount of lip balm on the lips so that too much water does not touch that area. 
5. Avoid any kind of strenuous activities as perspiration results in irritation in the area. 

One important thing to remember while undergoing the treatment is not to overdo the use of fillers. The results can be excessive plumping of your lips, which is not a desirable look at all. 

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