Easiest Ways Of Dealing With A Dry Skin

How soft your skin is does not only depend on what you put on but also how you clean it, the air around it, what comes into contact with the skin, and the clothes you put on.

You can buy off-the-shelf skin treatments in Calgary or Acne treatments in Calgary easily and cheaply if with any medical skin conditions and acne because the below tips might not help if it is a disease. However, the below tips can help ease these conditions.  

These are tips that you can use to soothe your skin: 

1. Use warm shower: Hot water, you should know, is never a good idea for your skin to staying soft. Hot water strip the body of its natural oil barrier needed to trap moisture and keep the skin smooth and moist, so the hotter the water, the worse it becomes. 

To stay safe, take short, warm showers or baths that do not take more than 5 to ten minutes. Gently pat dry and moisturise your body after the shower or bathe. Warm water can also be used to treat dryness together with medical skin treatments Calgary or Acne treatments in Calgary.

2. Cleanse gently: Soap-less cleanser is nice after showering. You are recommended to use gentle soaps that are free of fragrance because those with deodorants and antibacterial can be harsh on skin. 

You can also use cleansers that have ceramists together with skin treatments in Calgary or Acne treatment Calgary. Ceramists are fatty molecules that form an outer barrier on your skin and so help the skin retain its moisture.  Some skin care products have synthetic ceramists. 

Also, toners, peels, and other astringents can dry your skin. Scrubbing the skin so much when you ex-foliate can also irritate and thicken skin. 

3. Shave smartly: Shaving irritates dry skin and scraps off natural oils.  You can consider shaving after a shower, when hairs are softer and more pliable after bathing and thus shaving is easier.  A shaving cream or gel is great, or shave in the direction the hair is growing. Besides, use a sharp razor because a dull razor can be irritating. Clean a previously used blade by soaking it in alcohol.


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